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May 19, 2013 - Well I finally made time to get to the range. I took my new Tour Stiker Pro 7 Iron and my regular 7 iron. I simply want to get in a few swings and work on my alignment.

I had watched the videos on the Tour Striker web site and was ready to go. Well, almost... Once I lossened up I began hitting my 7 iron, Ok, I am going a little left but quickly determined I was actually aiming that direction. Fixed that issue.

I then picked up the Tour Stiker and began hitting low line drives getting only about 10 yeards off the ground. I then made a fatal mistake that many golfers make and kept doing the same thing.

Went back to my 7 iron and all was good. Picked up the Tour striker and began swinging again, but with a changed - I stopped thinking. I simply took my address, looked once more at my target and let it go. PERFECT.

I hit several more with the same results. I realized I was the problem and I STOPPED THINKING! I have done this enough times I know what to do, Swing the Club - Let the ball get it the way.

After going back to my 7 iron I felt as though I was hitting the ball with more crispness and was very pleased with the results - especially for my first time out.

Senior Golfer - training aids

Tour Striker Pro 7 Iron

The Tour Striker Pro 7 Iron is geared for a golfer that is dedicated to practicing and has a higher swing speed with the driver (over 90 mph with a driver). The Tour Striker Pro 7 Iron training club has been created to not care about a golfer’s swing style or shape. Unlike a traditional golf club, the distinctive Tour Striker Pro 7 Iron design has little clubface below the "sweet spot" (see below).

The Tour Striker Pro 7 Iron has been designed to intuitively teach golfers the correct way to deliver the "sweet spot" of the golf club to the ball, just like the Tour players. Practice with the Tour Striker Pro 7 Iron will quickly change a golfer’s understanding of ball striking and will teach them to deliver the golf club to impact with a descending motion, resulting in the forward shaft lean that all great ball strikers possess.

Golfers will quickly learn how to get the SWEET SPOT of the Tour Striker under the CENTER OF GRAVITY of the ball, by naturally applying forward shaft lean during impact. Transferring the feel learned from practicing with the Tour Striker Pro 7 Iron to your traditional golf clubs and the golf course is an easy step!

The Tour Striker Pro 7 Iron training club is cast of 433 stainless steel and comes with a light weight stiff flex graphite shaft. The lie angle and shaft length may be modified for a nominal additional fee. These customizations can be made in the ordering process on line and may add 3-5 days to the time it takes for you to receive your order.

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