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Senior Golfer - Instruction Welcome to the Senior Golfer web site. We will be your one stop resource for anything and everything to help you with your golf game. We will try to establish one constant that will not change - we will only have information or products that we truely beleive to be of high quality and therefore something you should take a good look at in the improvement of your golfing enjoyment.

As senior golfers oursleves we understand the uniqueness of the entire golfing environment and how it affects our golf scores and golfing enjoyment.

We invite you to look around and check out the differnent departments, we know you will find something that will improve your score and then improve your golfing enjoyment.

Senior Golfer - Swing Setter Pro

SwingSetter Pro

David Leadbetter Introduces
the Revolutionary SwingSetter Pro™

CHAMPIONSGATE, FL-David Leadbetter, the World's Foremost Golf Instructor and coach to some of the world's top Tour Professionals, proudly introduces the revolutionary SwingSetter Pro™. Developed to help golfers hit longer, straighter and more consistently, the SwingSetter Pro is an evolution of the global, best-selling training aid: the Swing Setter.

"I am so excited to introduce the SwingSetter Pro. Surely, the original Swing Setter was and still remains a great training aid, but the SwingSetter Pro will really take your golf game and the way you practice to a whole new level. It will have you playing the best golf of your life faster than would have ever imagined!" says Leadbetter.

Similar to the original SwingSetter, the SwingSetter Pro helps to develop the four basic fundamentals of the golf swing: Grip, Swing Plane, Proper Release and Tempo. The SwingSetter Pro takes those four fundamentals and adds real-time feedback as you are now able to hit a ball! With the length and lie of standard 6 iron, the SwingSetter Pro™ offers the instant feedback that every golfer looks for.

"Ever since we brought out the SwingSetter, a number of my Tour and amateur students have told me how much they love their Swing Setter, but they wish that they could hit balls to get that feel for a fundamentally sound swing that produces the desired result," says Leadbetter. "After nearly a year of research and testing and completely re-engineering the original design, the SwingSetter Pro is really going to change the way that golfers practice."

To fix a poor grip, which Leadbetter estimates that 80% of all golfers are guilty of, the SwingSetter Pro uses a patented Form Molded Grip, made by Golf Pride, to properly place your hands on the club each and every time. The Extending Plane Pointer extends from the butt of the club to provide visual awareness of the proper swing plane. The Adjustable Magnetic Ball releases and 'snaps' when the golfer properly sets their wrists during the backswing providing auditory feedback to develop a consistent golf swing.

Leadbetter continues, "Let's face it; practicing is not every golfer's favorite thing to do, but with the SwingSetter Pro, you will get the maximum benefit in a minimal amount of time. That means less time on the practice tee and more time playing great golf. Whether you're just taking up the game or a seasoned Tour Professional, I know the SwingSetter Pro will take your game to new heights."

The SwingSetter Pro is available at www.SwingSetterPro.com and includes a detailed instruction manual with tips and drills for using the SwingSetter Pro. Customers may also register their SwingSetter Pro to receive an instructional DVD with over 30 minutes of instruction from David Leadbetter. MSRP for the SwingSetter Pro is $149.95.

About David Leadbetter

David Leadbetter is known throughout the world for his innovative and creative teaching techniques. Over the past 30 years his players have amassed over a dozen Major Championship titles and more than 100 individual worldwide tournament victories. His coaching has spanned three decades and he has often been recognized as the "father of modern golf instruction." There are currently 28 David Leadbetter Golf Academies strategically located around the world in 13 countries.

Leadbetter is the author of seven books that have sold over two million copies, has written and produced more than a dozen DVDs and is the designer of several golf training aids that have sold over a million units worldwide. An Honorary Member and PGA of America Master Professional, Golf Channel Instruction Editor and Golf Digest Teaching Professional, Leadbetter is recognized around the world as the World's Foremost Golf Instructor. His unmatched experience and keen sense for utilizing emerging technologies to evolve his time-tested teaching methods and game-improvement products and services assures that David Leadbetter Enterprises and David Leadbetter Golf Academies will continue to play a major role in the growth of the modern-day golf industry. Learn more about David Leadbetter at www.DavidLeadbetter.com.

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