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Senior Golfer - training aids

“A must for all golfers, teaching professionals and golf coaches at all levels.” (Golf Today Magazine)

Are you tired of your unreliable golf swing and the frustration that comes from chunking, topping, or shanking? From hitting the ground before the ball, missing the ball entirely, hitting the toe or heel of your club, slicing, pulling, hooking, pushing… the possibilities are endless and all very disturbing.

You’re not alone. The reason most people have troubles hitting the ball clean and square every time is that they have no impact awareness!

What is Impact Awareness?
Impact is a complete blur for most people. That’s why you hear “you looked up” or “keep your head down” or “stay down in your swing” or “you peaked” so much that it drives us all crazy!

Impact awareness means a highly developed sense of what’s happening at impact. It includes an elevated awareness of feel, sight, sound, balance, and body position. Through years of practice, all pros have it to an astonishing degree. So much so that you could blindfold a pro and they’d still have no problem striking the ball with incredible power and precision.

Big things do come in small packages.
For the rest of us, there’s the SwingNumber N1. Golf Today Magazine called it “… a must for all golfers, teaching professionals and golf coaches at all levels.” and that “big things do come in small packages.”

For less than the cost of a round of golf (probably much less depending where you play!) you’ll receive a pocket size swing trainer. Place the SwingNumber N1 near your ball and swing naturally. When your club strikes the ball, a random number flashes for a split second. At first you will not be able to see the number flashed at impact. It will take many swings and some concentration on your part, but in a short period of time you’ll start to see the random number and your awareness of impact will be transformed!

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