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It is amazing how well we can get to the green and then just fall apart with a putting stroke that lets us down adding unwanted strokes to our score. Check out some of the putting aid products that could help you lower your strokes on the green.

Check out the items in this section by clicking on the link or reading the below product information.

Putting products that we recommned;

CheckerBalls Alignment System

Checkerballs Alignment System

Statistics show that golfers consistenlty miss putts they should make withing 3 to 6 feet of the target. The most common reason is stroke inconsistencies.

Using Checkerballs Alignment system will help the golfer perfect their putting technique for six foot putts and under.

The Checkerballs are designed for putting practice only and are a great diagnostic tool for hitting putts squarely, accurately and developing a sound repeatable-stroke putting routine.

Begin practice using the ball with the green stripe. Once you can consistently make the ball roll straight then you can move to the blue stripe and finally the red stripe ball.

Remember when you practice, the quality of the time you spend will be determined by the amount of effort and focus you exert.

If your stroke is square to the target line and the face is also square the Checkerball should roll in a straight line. An off-line stroke or open or closed club face causes the ball to roll off line. Having a good stoke for your short distance putts will allow you to sink more and score better.

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