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It is amazing how well we can get to the green and then just fall apart with a putting stroke that lets us down adding unwanted strokes to our score. Check out some of the putting aid products that could help you lower your strokes on the green.


San Luis Obispo, California — Golf training aids are a dime a dozen, and most require a rocket scientist to assemble and take apart. However, the new, simple-to-use P3 is the first putting aid designed to teach golfers how to learn the Perfect Pendulum Putting motion recommended by many of today’s top teaching professionals as the best way to putt.

The key to great, consistent putting is to reduce unnecessary movements in the putting stroke. The P3 trains golfers to putt using the major muscles in their shoulders and upper arms, eliminating unnecessary wrist and hand movements.

A number of prominent teaching professionals have already validated the P3 by including it as part of their instruction, among them:

  • Rudy Duran, a California teaching professional, a PGA Tour Card Walker Award winner and Tiger Woods’ first golf coach while the world’s No. 1 player was between the ages of 4 and 10.
  • Jim Coles, the Director of Instruction at California’s Central Coast Golf Academy who, along with Duran (who was teaching Coles at the time), spent a lot of time with Duran on the course helping to polish Woods’ game between the ages of 6 to 16.
  • Larry O’Leary, a veteran Northern California PGA instructor, whose more than 30,000 lessons include pupils who play on all professional tours.

“You can’t teach feel—you have to experience feel,” Duran says. “The P3 lets you experience the feel of a proper putting stroke.”

Coles, like Duran and O’Leary, is an accomplished PGA instructor. Coles says using the P3 is like taking a putting lesson. “Practicing with the P3 is like having a PGA instructor over your shoulder teaching you the proper pendulum stroke,” Coles says.  

Most golfers will never be able to drive the ball, or hit approach shots stiff, like their favorite touring pros. But any golfer—no matter his or her handicap—can learn to putt as well as a touring pro, and the easy-on, easy-off P3 Perfect Pendulum Putting training aid will teach the proper technique. The P3 uses a golfer’s current putter and provides the means to improve his or her technique; the repetition is still up to the golfer. For those seeking to improve their putting, the P3 is the easiest, fastest way to sink more putts.  

Neil Higgins—the P3 inventor and a golf-industry veteran—spent nearly two years developing the P3 after coming up with the idea during a terrible putting round.  

“I was walking down the fairway after five three-putts on the front nine,” Higgins says, “and I let my hands hang straight down, shoulder-width apart, and was moving my shoulders trying to create a pendulum motion. I quickly noticed it was very easy to create a pendulum putting stroke with my hands apart. I put my hands together and instantly felt the tension build in my shoulders, and my chest seemed to get in the way of making a proper pendulum stroke. Right then I knew I had the idea for a great training aid.”  

The key to a better golf game is through technique and repetition, not spending $300 or $400 for a driver you use only 10 to 14 times per round. Golf’s score zone is from 100 yards and in, with putting comprising about 42 percent of your total score. Golfers need to understand “practice does not make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect,” and the P3 is the best tool in the marketplace to dial in a Perfect Pendulum Putting stroke.

  The P3 has three different handle settings, making it easy to develop the correct feel for the pendulum putting stroke. Golfers start with the P3 attached to their own putters, with the two P3 handles set to the widest setting. Practice begins by holding on to the P3 handles. By having the hands apart, hanging from the shoulders, golfers quickly learn the feel of a pendulum stroke. Golfers will learn to move their shoulders back and forth, and the putter becomes the pendulum, just like an old grandfather clock.  

As more time is spent practicing with the P3, the grips should be moved closer together towards the center. Although the hands are getting closer together they are still apart, which eliminates the use of the hands and wrists in the stroke. Once comfortable with the new feel of the pendulum stroke, golfers keep the P3 attached to the putter, but they should hold on to their putter’s grip and practice the stroke. If there’s a breakdown of their hands or wrists, one of the P3 handles will hit their forearms, providing instant feedback. The end result of practicing with the P3 is a consistent pendulum stroke without the breakdown in the hands and wrists.  

Attaching the P3 to the putter only takes seconds. It basically clamps right on and the golfer is on his or her way. The whole kit breaks down quickly and fits into the FREE included travel bag. It’s so convenient golfers can easily spend five minutes with the P3 on the practice green, then remove it from their putters and stow it in its travel bag before reaching the first tee.  

“I’ve been playing golf for 30 years and love the game,” Higgins says. “I have always been a student of the game. I have read golf books and magazines, and have taken lessons from some of the best instructors on the west coast. It is my hope this training aid helps golfers to enjoy the game more by making more putts. I love golf and hope the P3 will improve everyone’s putting as much as it has mine and my friends.”  


  • The handles/grips attach using “rare earth magnets,” allowing for ease of adjustability without using any tools.
  • The compact P3 fits comfortably in a golf bag or office drawer in a compact 18-inch by 7-inch FREE travel bag.
  • It attaches to the golfer’s personal putter, allowing for practice with his or her own personal equipment.
  • The lightweight P3 doesn’t change the feel a golfer has with his or her own putter.
  • The P3’s composite-blended materials and steel shafts allow for a solid feel. The P3 doesn’t flex in one’s hands and transfers 100 percent of energy to the ball.
  • Golfers can use the P3 anywhere, including the home or office.
  • Simple to assemble and reassemble. No tools are needed to assemble the P3, and there are no complicated extra parts to buy or lose.
  • The P3 perfects the pendulum putting stroke. It builds muscle memory in the putting stroke to allow golfers to use the same putting stroke each time and will not allow them to “hit” at the ball.
  • The P3 comes with an instructional video, with demonstrations and practice drills taught by PGA training professionals.  

The P3 Perfect Pendulum Putting training aid is available for only $89.97, in three easy payments of $29.99, plus shipping and handling. The P3 comes with a FREE travel bag. Also available are a Continuous Ball Return ($33.90) and a Check-GO Sweet Spot Finder ($25.99). Go to or call 888-737-8883.

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