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Stop Topping the Ball

What could be worse than addressing the ball with confidence and then topping it? Does this happen to you?

Topping the ball is most often caused by trying to lift the ball into the air instead of hitting down on it and letting the club do what it was desing to do.

Trying to "help" the ball into the air doesn't work. One simple fix for topping the ball is to believe there is a paper cup on the ground a few feet from your ball and you must hit the ball into the cup. This should help you to remember to hit the ball low, something you can not do when you try to hit the ball into the air.

There are other helpful drills to eliminate your desire to lift the ball into the air. Placing your golf bag on the ground and using your 7-iron and chip balls into the side of it can help. After you have mastered the feeling, move on to full swings. before long the tendency to lift the ball will be gone and hitting down on the ball will be a natural move.

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