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Golf Fitness Over Fifty

Golf Fitness Over Fifty

Golf Fitness Over Fifty $29.95

Develop a swing for the ages! Golf Fitness Over Fifty shows you how to hit more accurate shots, play more consistently, and get back that lost distance “father time” has taken away. Sean Cochran, one of the most recognized golf fitness instructors on the PGA Tour today will unlock your body to help you develop the best swing of your life.

Sean has taken his years of experience in professional golf, his work with top players, knowledge of strength and conditioning, and tailored it to the needs of the mature player. Learn simple flexibility exercises for an improved shoulder turn, core exercises to strengthen the lower back, power training to increase the distance of your drives, and much, much more.

Over 80 golf specific exercises are illustrated within the covers of this book. Everything and anything you need to get you back on the course, keep you on the course, and playing better golf regardless of your age are provided by Sean.

In addition to the numerous golf performance exercises found within this book, Sean has developed beginner, intermediate, and advanced golf fitness programs with the needs of the mature golfer in mind. Also included, a 20-minute golf fitness program when “time is of essence”, a traveling golf fitness program for those weeks away from home, and even a pre-round warm-up program before you hit the first tee.

There is life after 50 on the golf course, let Sean and Golf Fitness Over Fifty show you how!

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