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There is another key benefit to staying fit, other aspects of your life will improve as well. The art of keeping fit will allow you to play with the young people in your life and just have more fun.

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Senior Golfer Fitness - Perfect Your Posture

As we get older our flexibility seems to decrease and old habits are harder to change. It is important to make sure our posture is good so we can make a deeper turn or longer backswing.

Your position at address plays an important role in the swing you make. Good posture increases the liklihood of hitting the ball on the sweet spot of the club.

As a rule, if your ball flight high and with a left-to-right path it indicates your posture is too upright at your waist and with your knees not bent enough. This posture could make your arms too much of the swing.

On the other hand, if your ball flight is low and right-to-left your stance is bent too much at your waist. This happsens from swinging around your body causing a flatter swing plane.

Check Your Posture

To check your posture, pretend to setup to a ball without a club. Let your body relax and allow your arms to hang straight down. You will know your posture is good if your knees are over the insteps of your shoes and your fingers point to the tips of your toes. You are standing too upright if your fingers are pointing to inside your toes and coversely if your fingers point outside your toes you are standing with too much bending at your waist.

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