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There is another key benefit to staying fit, other aspects of your life will improve as well. The art of keeping fit will allow you to play with the young people in your life and just have more fun.

Senior GOlfer - Fitness

Continuing to enjoy the game of golf can present a few obstacles to the senior golfer. One dynamic process will assist in the enjoyment and also the ability to keep playing at a level of past performance. The process of KEEPING FIT - both in a physical sense and also in a mental sense.

Senior Golfer - Fitness

As we get a bit older we find that we just don't move as fast and we don't have the same mobility and range of motion. This can certainly have a negative impact on our golf game and scoring. If we can't swing as fast as we once did our shots are not going to carry the distance we would like.

We invite you to look around and check out the MORE FITNESS LINKS located to the right, we know you will find something that will help you with your physical and mental aspects of the game..

Physical Fitness

Take a good look at some of the items we have selected to help with your physical conditioning. We understand there are sometimes too many things to choose from so we have tried to narrow the selection process to the best of the best.

Mental fitness

The mind is a strange thing. We often tell our daughter that if she thinks she can do something she probably can, and if she thinks she can not do something she is usually right.

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