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Overall the same equipment that is used for any golfer would be the same for the senior golfer. There are a few choices that can however aid in the playing and enjoyment of the golf game for the senior golfer. Making a good choice about the type of shaft that is used and the type of grip on the club and the specific club head can be a big factor in scoring well and enjoying the game.

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Tom Watson for Adams Golf

It appears that golf club manufacturers are starting to pay attention to the market. Senior golfers make up a large population of the total number of golfers. It only makes sense for these manufacturers to use technology to make clubs that enhance the game for older players who have lost strength, flexibility and mobility of the golf swing.

The Champions Tour is having a great deal to assist the popularity of golf for seniors. It is really amazing to watch all these "old guys" who played golf when we were young competing for a lot of money. These senior golfers can play some amazing golf and are generally more interesting to watch than some of the regular tour players.

You might be asking how this can help your golf game. The answer, players on the Champions Tour are doing all the testing and promotion of the equipment that we would get to play and use. this help golf club manufacturers make really high quality equipment that helps their game and will help our game too.

Drivers, irons, putters, balls, shoes, and more are now desgned especially for the senior golfer. As technology helps make golf equipment perform better why not take advantage of everything available to help you score better and get more enjoyment from your golf game. All the equipment can be modified for your game, swing and physical characteristics.

It only makes sense to take advantage of whatever is available to hep you play better, hit the ball farther and keep it in the fairway. Check out your local pro shop and see what is available. You will be glad you did.

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