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These shirts are among the shirts we reach for when we want to look and play our best. The comfort, ease of care, and good looks make them on our favorites list.

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Ashworth Golf Shirts

Ashworth Golf Shirts

The design and merchandising philosphy of Ashworth for the coming year is a collection based on seven principles;

  • Form follows function
  • Commitment to quality
  • Innovative fabrics
  • Attention to details
  • Comfortable fit
  • Interesting and wearable color combos
  • And Inspirational visual vocabulary

The men's collection consists of four parts. The first part is designed for a more classic look using and innovative state-of-the-art process that created a funtional luxury aspect to the line that Ashworth refers to as Hi-Def cotton. These are easy-care shirts, super soft, light and comfortable with no-curl collars, and they do not shrink or wrinkle.

The second part is what Ashworth refers to as its Third Groove Performance, where the most innovative blends of pima cotton and polyester are combined to creat the ultimate performance and comfort moisture-wicking garment that also is breathable, lightweight, snagless and odorless. The styling is slightly more innovative and features a more modern Ashworth Golf Company heat-transfer label.

The third and fourth parts of the mens collection are sub-brands directed to supplement the Ashworth Golf Company merrchandise mix with fresh looks for the company's ever-expanding golf community.

Ashworth Organics is golf gear designed and crafted out of 100 percent organic cotton or sustainable, recyclable materials. For the game, for the planet, the Ashworth Organics is for everyone who is interested and onboard with the green initiative.

ASHW 33 is directed to a younger mindest. Made with performance fabrics, the unique graphic elements and stitching details create a subtle avant garde look with a "mod fit," slimmer by one size than Ashworth's classic fit. The line reflects the company's deep respect for the innate style of the game.

Check out the Ashworth Golf web site for more information.