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Senior Golfer - Apparel

Fairway & Greene Golf Shirts

Looking good makes you feel good. When you feel good your whole day improves. Everyone has a favorite shirt, a favorite pair of pants, a favorite everything. Our favorite golf shirts, favorite golf shoes, just seem to find themselves at the front of the closet within easy reach. What are your favorites?

Golf Shirts & Sweaters

We have had the opportunity to wear many different brands of shirts - when all is said and done we constantly find oursleves reaching for the golf shirts listed below that are in our closet. The quality of the fabric, the fit, the way they launder just makes the decision to wear them a "no-brainer."

Here are the best of the best, please check them out.

Golf Shoes and Accessories

You are going to be on your feet for many hours, especially if you walk your golf round. There are a couple of very important "must haves" for our golf shoes. First and foremost they must be comfortable. Secondly, our golf shoes must provide a stable base for our golf swing.

Check out the shoes that are on our feet when we play, our golf shoe and accessory reccommendations for senior golfers.

Golf Outerwear

If you play when the weather is not at its best you will want outerwear that doesn't get in the way of your game. Take a look at our outerwear reccommendations for senior golfers.

Here are the best of the best for golf outerwear, please check them out.