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Nancy Clark RD CSSD Nancy Clark RD CSSD

Hi! I specialize in nutrition for exercise, and help active people figure out how to manage food, weight, exercise, energy and enjoyment of eating.

Our comments...

We have read the guidebook and have been very impressed with the suggestions about eating better. There are many ideas about how to transform our current diet into a more healthy one but still getting to eat the things we enjoy (and maybe shouldn't eat). We are using several ideas to eat better especially when traveling.

NANCY CLARK — Sports Nutritionist and Author

Nancy is an internationally known nutrition author and sports nutritionist trusted by many top athletes

Sports Nutritionist Nancy Clark She is a registered dietitian (RD) who specializes in nutrition for exercise and health. She offers personalized, one-on-one sports nutrition counseling to casual exercisers and competitive athletes in the Boston area.

Nancy has written top selling books on nutrition for sports and exercise.

She also has created several teaching tools for nutrition professionals throughout the country.

Her more renowned clients that rely on her expertise in diet for sports conditioning to gain a competitive edge have included members of: Boston Red Sox, Boston Celtics, Boston College, and many collegiate, elite and Olympic athletes from a variety of sports.

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