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Look forward to some golfing fireworks

The Putting Green

It's July - time for heat, humidity and enjoying the fireworks on the 4th of July. It's also time to look for those fireworks with your golf games. I can't begin to tell you the sense of satisfaction one gets in shooting low scores, hitting great shots and showing off in front of your golfing buddies.

There's nothing like shooting lower scores to impress your friends, and it's possible to do this with some simple tweaking of your games. Analyze your games, identify your strengths and weaknesses, work on your weaknesses by going to a golf professional who can help improve your golf games.

Work hard on your short games, because it's much easier to chip the ball close to the pin or sink putts than it is to hit 150-yard 8-irons or 270-yard drives. It's also a fact of life that most golf shots are hit from within 100 yards of the pin. Spend as much time on your short game as you do on your long game and see the positive results.

Let me give you an example of this from real life. I play with John, who is a 6 handicap. John doesn't hit the ball long (230 yards per drive). but he does hit it staight. It's not his accuracy that beats me as much as his short game skills.

Last week, for example, I had 33 putts, while John had 27. On one par five, John hit his drive 220 yards into the wind, his second shot 200 yards with a three-wood, and his 100 yard pitching wedge to within 15 feet of the hole. I hit my drive 260 yards, my three-wood 225 yards, and my sand wedge to within 10 feet. John holes his 15-ft. putt, I missed mine, and that's why it's so important to practice the shortgame.

Golf is a game of art and science. Technology can help you become a better player. Practice can help you become a better player. Technology combined with practice will help you become an even better player.

Life lesson No. 2: Larry is a 10-handicapper. He happens to be 70 years old and was confronted with two major problems with his golf game: loss of distance with all his clubs and an inability to hit his drives in the fairways.

Larry attended a golf school and eventually visited a local golf professional who was recommended to him by a friend. the golf school staff worked with Larry to hit his drives long and straight, but Larry eventually found himself returning to the same swing problem. He went to the golf professional who changes his grip, swing, posture, and Larry started hitting his drives straighter, but not necessarily longer.

This is when the professional told him to replace his current 10 degree driver with drivers with higher lofts and lighter weights. Larry bought a 10.5 degree loft driver, and eventually traded it in for a 12 degree driver. He gained his extra 10 yards, and is playing to an 8 handicap because of it. It was a change in technology and a combination of golf lessons and practice that improved his game.

Finally, the easiest shot in golf is considered the hardest by average golfers: the bunker shot. When playing from the sand bunker, open up your stance to the left of the target, open the face of the club (a sand wedge), hover the club above the ball about an inch or two behind the ball, and dig your feet into the sand so that you won't move. Take the club up abruptly with your wrists so that it is a V-line going back and swing along your alignment line. Aim to hit an inch or two behind the ball and always follow through. Follow through as far as you pulled the club on your take-away. there's nothing like hitting a bunker shot three feet from the pin!

So, look forward to some golfing fireworks this summer!

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