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Top nine gifts for golfers at Christmas

The Putting Green

It may not be on the top of most people's Christmas list, but the golfer in your household deserves nothing but the best for Christmas. In the spirit of giving, I have compiled a list of the top 10 gifts for golfers, albeit a list that I have garnered from golf store and golf club Web sites. I should add that these rankings are not done in terms of priorities, but rather in terms of categories.

Golf clubs - From drivers to putters, from fairway woods to wedges, golf clubs are a favorite with most golfers. The caveat here is that the giver shouldn't just pick any club(s) off the rack. In fact, it would probably be a better gift to give the golfer a custom fitting from a professional that uses high-tech equipment. No two golf clubs are the same and no two golfers are the same. We come in various heights and weights, along with various limitations to our flexibility. If you really want to be a generous "Santa" to your golfer, get a custom fitting AND some new golf clubs.

Golf apparel - We may not be the best golfers in our group, but there's nothing to keep us from being the best looking. We want apparel that keeps warm in the fall and spring, protects from the wind and rain in any season, and makes us cool and comfortable on those hot, humid sunny days.

Golf balls - There's never such a thing as having too many golf balls. The senior golfer may never tell you that he's always wanted to hit a Titleist Pro V1, Callaway Tour (i), Srixon Z Star Tour, Bridgestone 330 or other premium priced golf ball, but put a dozen or two under the tree and watch his face light up with a big smile.

Golf bags and carts - Check our golf carts these days. They are light, sturdy, and are easy to fold up and put away.

Golf shoes - Make walking the course enjoyable by selecting from the lightweight, street shoes that are hitting the market. They not only look great, but they can be worn on and off the course.

GPS units and rangefinders - What separates the good players from the amateurs is distance control, and these rangefinders give you the precise distance to the front, middle and back of the greens. You can also find out the distance from your ball to that water hazard.

Golf gifts for the home - In this category, you can choose a lot of gifts, but the one that stands out is the golf ball rack where you can out golf balls with logos from the course that you've played in the area and around the country.

Training aids - Designed to improve your swings, your putts and/or your chips, training aids come in many different forms. Check out the many DVDs that are on the market to help improve various aspects of your game.

Cold weather golf gear - Golfers never want to be uncomfortable out on the golf course, and you can play in some cool weather if you have the right gear. From hats to outerwear, golfers need to be prepared for the northern climes. I should also add that golfers have been known to play in damp conditions, so rain suits are not out of the question.

If none of these gift categories appeal to you, then purchase the one golf gift all golfers will enjoy: a gift card to his or her favorite golf course, pro shop, or golf store. And, may you all experience the peace and joy of Our Lord's birth now and throughout the coming New Year.

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