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I recorded this video last fall after getting my new putter... I don't think I should be selfish, so I am telling you about it.


We will be your one-stop resource for anything and everything to help you with your golf game. We will try to establish one constant that will not change - we will only have information or products that we truely beleive to be of high quality and therefore something you should take a good look at in the improvement of your golfing enjoyment.

As senior golfers we understand the uniqueness of the entire golfing environment and how it affects our golf scores and golfing enjoyment.

We invite you to look around and check out the different departments, we know you will find something that will improve your score and then improve your golfing enjoyment.

The Lateral Line Putter

Lateral Line Traditional Putter

Size does matter. It's worth the weight"

I got a new putter!
Recently I was having some trouble with my putter, it simply was not working as I expected it should. I have since replaced my old putter. I now have a putter I can stand behind with no reservations.

Click through to get more information and watch my video using the L2 Lateral Line Traditional Putter!!

For more information and SPECIAL PRICING, click, Lateral Line Traditional Putter.

Senior Golfers Guide

Senior Golfers Guide Seven top qualified golf teaching professionals have put together the most comprehensive Golfing Guide, dedicated only to you, the Senior Golfer.

We show you, in detail and with plenty of illustrations, how to compete with those yougsters - even if you're a new Golfer.

During our research we spoke to many Senior Golfers, and most of them complained that the golfing resources available on the internet are for younger golfers only. In fact, many of the so-called 'golf improvement books' require twists and turns of the body that are difficult for Seniors to achieve. This has led to a lot of frustration amongst Senior Golfers - but not anymore.

To learn more... Check out the Senior Golfers Guide.

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